Blocktrade Expansion Plans – The Interview

Blocktrade Expansion Plans – The Interview

Cryptix Group formed a successful joint venture

It is a coup that had been planned for some time and now is executed with professional accuracy. Having involved a group of investors in his Digital Asset Exchange Blocktrade, Bernhard Koch made it an even more important part of his emerging ecosystem of Fintech companies.

In this exclusive pre-publication Bernhard Koch, CEO and founder of the Cryptix Group talks together with Bernhard Blaha, the new Blocktrade CEO, about the new ownership structure and the future of the Digital Asset Exchange.

Read the full interview on the Cryptix blog, where it will appear later this month.

Bernhard Koch, you bought Blocktrade some time ago, further developed it and now you opened it up for new owners, why?

Back then, we have released Blocktrade out of a situation that inhibited its development. As a venture building company, it is our obligation to recognize such opportunities, dock our resources, and thus create added value. We have succeeded in doing so and we were able to make some of our customers very happy who are now propelling developments, taking Blocktrade into a new phase.

Luka Gubo, the longtime CEO of Blocktrade hands over his role, why?

Within Cryptix, Luka matured into an important and reasonable voice with a broad horizon and decided to stay with Cryptix. He has become an integral part of our organization and leads major projects within our organization. Nevertheless, Luka Gubo will continue to advise Blocktrade in the future, especially in his core competences of financial technology licensing and regulation.

Together with our investors, we decided to hand over the exciting CEO position at Blocktrade to young but experienced talent. Out of an international field of applicants, I am pleased to have found a new CEO in Austria and to be able to introduce Bernhard Blaha as the new CEO of Blocktrade.

Bernhard Blaha takes over a great responsibility and as much as one hears a very dynamic task by starting a securities offering in 2020. Bernhard Blaha, could you introduce yourself?

Over the last 7 years, I was able to gain a lot of experience as an entrepreneur, since 2016 also very specific in the area of cryptocurrencies in a highly regulated sector. After having been involved with blockchain since 2014, this was the ideal playground for me as an all-rounder to implement innovation in a very tight legal corset under high pressure. This experience now helps me, along with the great preparation of Luka Gubo and his team, to prepare and develop Blocktrade for a fulminant start in the new setup.

(This is an authorized pre-publication and excerpt of the full interview that later will be published on www.cryptix.ag)

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