Bienvenue au Luxembourg: Why The Community Benefits

Bienvenue au Luxembourg: Why The Community Benefits

We are excited to inform our community that we are looking forward to completing our transition to the jurisdiction of Luxembourg. Blocktrade Exchange will then be operated by Blocktrade SA.

Bernhard Blaha becomes new CEO of Blocktrade SA

Along with the change of jurisdiction goes the transition of management to our new CEO Bernhard Blaha. As the co-founder of HEROcoin and Esports-platform herosphere, Bernhard is a seasoned veteran with 8 years of experience in the blockchain industry. Since 2018 he serves as board member of the Digital Asset Association of Austria (DAAA) and has previously contributed his expertise as a consultant for Cryptix AG.

Why We Chose Luxembourg As Jurisdiction

There are numerous reasons for incorporating Blocktrade SA in Luxembourg.

  • Luxembourg has an excellent reputation as a trusted and acclaimed European financial hub with global appeal.
  • The Luxembourg government has repeatedly signaled its openness towards innovation and regulation in the field of digital assets and securities.
  • Our registration in Luxembourg is going to serve as the foundation and gateway for entering the North American and UK markets.

The Community Is The Real Profiteer

Most importantly, our choice fell on Luxembourg with our community at heart. The trusted jurisdiction of Luxembourg and the legal clarity offered by its innovative legal framework will allow Blocktrade to attract more partners and promote the further growth of the Blocktrade community in Europe and overseas.

We are looking forward to joining the ever-growing and thriving blockchain eco-system in Luxembourg and to using our new home base to strengthen and further grow our partner network and ecosystem to deliver ever-more value to the Blocktrade community.

An EU member country, Luxembourg is among the most innovative and blockchain-friendly countries worldwide. In 2013, the government passed an amendment to the Securities Law, enabling the issue of “dematerialized securities”. In February 2019, Bill 7363 was passed, officially allowing for the transfer of securities via blockchain.

Since then, the government has initiated the setup of a Blockchain Hub of Excellence and implemented focus groups to evaluate potential Blockchain use cases in government services. Meanwhile blockchain companies from around the world have announced the setup of their headquarters in Luxembourg.

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