Blocktrade 2.2 comes with referral program

Blocktrade 2.2, referral program and new interface
Blocktrade 2.2 comes with referral program

The last great update of the leaving 2022 is here! As promised, we are introducing Blocktrade 2.2 with the new user interface and the referral program you have been waiting for months!

Brand New Interface  

We have returned to the basics of reimagining how you, our users, interact with the product. Numerous user interviews and research clearly showed that you expect to see improved navigation, consistent design language, and full transparency on your way to achieving the user goal no matter what device you use.  

The dashboard is now called Home, where you can have an overview of your portfolio, observe the current situation on the market by sorting and filtering listed assets by the most gainers & losers in the selected timeframe, and create your own favorite list! Finally, when you discover a potential in some asset, trade it easily while staying on the same page. 

Remember, that this is just the beginning, there is much more to come, so stay tuned! 

Blocktrade new interface

Referral Program 

The referral program has been added to the Blocktrade platform and now it has become even easier to tell your friends about our amazing product! How? Just share your referral link from the ‘Invite a friend’ page and send it to your friends.  

When your friend buys a minimum of €‎100 worth of any crypto, both of you receive €‎10 worth of Bitcoin. There are no limits to earn, as you can invite an unlimited number of people with your referral link. 

Additional bonuses 

You will earn additional bonuses for each milestone of friends referred. These are once-off payouts that you receive for inviting 10, 30, 50, 100, 200 and 500 friends and are automatically sent to your wallet. You will also receive a physical Blocktrade badge sent to your address. Senator is the last milestone that you will win 5000, plus an exclusive trip to Tallinn to have dinner with the CEO.

Read more about the additional bonuses here.

How it works  

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to get bonuses: 

Login to your Blocktrade account and find your referral link in the ‘Invite a Friend’ section of the dashboard. Send the link to your friends or family. Then, they will need to complete 3 steps: 

1- Verify their accounts; 

2- Deposit €100 with a credit/debit card or bank transfer; 

3- Buy €100 worth of any cryptocurrency; 

After that, you and your friends will receive your bonuses. 


Start inviting your friends and family today to get nice bonuses for the holiday season! 

Start earning today: https://trade.blocktrade.com/login 

Welcoming The New Year

All in all, 2022 was a wonderful year and full of updates. The Blocktrade team wants to thank all our users for their feedback, recommendations and support because we planned a lot for 2023! Don’t forget to send your referral links to friends to still have a chance to receive nice bonuses in 2022.  

The Blocktrade team wishes you Happy New Year! 

Start investing today!


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