Blocktrade Announces New CEO, Marking New Phase of Growth

Blocktrade Announces New CEO, Marking New Phase of Growth

We are excited to introduce our new Chief Executive Officer of Blocktrade, Bernhard Blaha. With 8 years of industry experience as serial blockchain entrepreneur and co-creator of the Digital Asset Association of Austria (DAAA), Bernhard joins us with a deep understanding of the need for a culture of trust and transparency in the blockchain space.
Luka Gubo (Founder/Former CEO) will continue to advise Blocktrade in the future, especially in his core competencies of financial technology licensing and the management of legal frameworks.

Passionate Entrepreneur and Seasoned Blockchain Industry Veteran

Bernhard Blaha is an entrepreneur at heart, feeling at home at the intersection between economy and technology. Already in university, he started his first company, among 4 more that followed was herosphere.gg.

During these ventures, Bernhard made a major contribution to the creation of legal and fiscal frameworks for these blockchain and iGaming companies. Serving as DAAA board member since its creation in 2018, Bernhard works tirelessly to create awareness for and advance the adoption of digital assets in Austria.

Drawing on this experience, Bernhard will lead Blocktrade into an exciting future – full of new horizons to conquer.

Making Financial Markets Accessible to Everyone

Most people nowadays are not participating in the financial markets, lacking access or the necessary knowledge to invest with confidence. For example, according to DAI (Deutsches Aktieninstitut), only 15,2 percent of adult Germans currently own shares or equity funds.

Bernhard sees Blocktrade’s further mission in equipping these people with helpful educational resources and providing convenient access to the financial markets – on a national, regional and international level.

Together with its community and the ecosystem in which it operates, Blocktrade aims to change the prevailing inequality in people’s options to have their assets work for them. In this, we work with and for our community.

DAAA – The Digital Assets Association of Austria

In 2018, Bernhard was co-creator of the Digital Assets Association of Austria. Consisting of 12 board members, the association’s mission is to promote the sustainable development of Austria’s digital asset ecosystem.

Among others, the DAAA The DAAA pursues the following objectives:

  • Advocacy for start-ups and companies in the field of digital assets
  • Support of promising projects and initiatives
  • Promotion of communication, cooperation, and solidarity among members
  • Information for the general public and business in connection with digital assets

To this end, the association regularly organizes networking events on timely issues to foster dialogue and networking between startups, decision-makers, lawyers and regulators. In the past, the association held events on topics such as “regulation and innovation”, “digital assets and banking” as well as “taxes when trading, staking and STO”.

Sailing Boats and Steering Teams

In his spare time, Bernhard follows his passion for sailing boats – being unbound by roads, using the wind to steer where the crew wants to go. A beautiful metaphor for leadership and great teamwork, as Bernhard finds “The better the crew works together as a team, the faster everyone reaches their destination.”

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