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How to buy BAL

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Payment Methods to Buy Balancer

Other Methods of buying Balancer

Where can I buy Balancer

If there is any crypto ATM near you, it is possible to buy some coins with these machines and you should check to see whether it sells Balancer or not. However, the process is not as simple as it seems. Furthermore, the ATM rates are somehow more than other methods.

Direct Purchase
You can buy Balancer directly from another person over the web.

Crypto Exchanges are the safest places for buying Balancer. You can use Blocktrade as a cheap, secure, and global exchange to buy BAL. You don’t need to pay any trading fee while using Blocktrade exchange. Sign up for free, create an account, and purchase BAL with a few clicks.


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How to sell Balancer

Sell on Blocktrade

Sign up and verify your Blocktrade account

You’ll need a username, email address and a strong password to sign up on Blocktrade. Then, you'll be guided to verify your account.

Deposit BAL to your Blocktrade account

To sell Balancer on Blocktrade, generate a deposit address and transfer the desired amount - just as simple as sending it to any Balancer address.

Start selling Balancer!

Once you deposited your Balancer in your Blocktrade deposit address, you’ll be able to sell your BAL.


Frequently asked questions

Can I Buy Less than one Balancer?

Yes, you can. The BAL token is divisible to smaller units. It can be divided into smaller units of a specified token to accommodate smaller transactions and to provide more precision when dealing with smaller amounts. The smallest unit of BAL is determined by its underlying blockchain, which is usually the Ethereum blockchain, and its use of the ERC-20 standard. This allows for the token to be divided down to 18 smaller units of a specified token without losing its underlying value or functionality.

What is the minimum amount to buy Balancer?

There is no official minimum amount to buy Balancer (BAL) tokens. The minimum order size required to buy BAL tokens in accordance to our exchange's terms and conditions would be $10 USD.

How much does it cost to buy Balancer?

The cost of buying Balancer can vary depending on where, how, and when you purchase it. Typically, the price is determined by supply and demand in the cryptocurrency market. The price can also be influenced by market sentiment and news about the cryptocurrency. To find the current price of BAL, you can either log in to our website and see the real-time price or check our Balancer Calculator to see the price of Balancer in your desired currency.

How to keep your Balancer investment safe?

To keep your BAL crypto investment safe, you should follow these best practices: 1. Use a hardware wallet or a software wallet that provides robust security features to store your BAL tokens. 2. Enable 2FA on your wallet or exchange account to add an extra layer of security to your investment. 3. Regularly update your wallet software to ensure you have the latest security features and patches. 4. Store backup copies of your seed phrase or private key in a safe place to protect against loss or theft. In addition to external wallets, our exchange also has an internal wallet for you to store your cryptocurrency tokens after purchase. A key benefit of using the wallet on our platform is that if you aim to buy and sell your BAL cryptocurrency on our exchange, the speed of the transaction will be quicker when using the internal wallet.

Where should a beginner buy BAL?

There are several options to buy BAL such as cryptocurrency exchanges, Peer-to-peer marketplaces, Balancer brokers, etc. However, cryptocurrency exchanges are among the most popular ways to buy Balancer for beginners. You can easily buy Balancer without any buying fees from our exchange.

What would be the future of the Balancer project?

It is difficult to predict the future of any specific blockchain project, however, some possible trends for the future of Balancer could include an increase in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and the growth of token pools, which Balancer specializes in. Additionally, developments in the Ethereum ecosystem, such as the integration of Ethereum 2.0 and the widespread adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), may also impact the future of Balancer.

When to buy Balancer?

There is no right time to buy Balancer, as the price is highly volatile and can fluctuate rapidly. Some experts believe that the best time to buy is when the price is low and predicted to rise, while others believe in buying and holding for the long term.
It is always recommended to do your own research, understand the risks, and have a clear investment strategy before buying Balancer or any other cryptocurrency.

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