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Frequently asked questions

Where to buy ELDG?

You can buy ELDG from different exchanges. Blocktrade offers you zero processing fee, which makes it much more cost-effective to buy ELDG or other coins on this exchange. Furthermore, Blocktrade is a trusted exchange regulated in the EU.

What are the advantages of using Apple Pay?

You decide which forms of payment Apple Pay will use to carry out your crypto transactions when using its services in conjunction with our exchange. Plus, Apple Pay enables you to store debit and credit card information on your Apple device in order to facilitate simple online transactions. 

What is the difference between ELDG and ELD?

Generally, ELDG and ELD are both the same coin on the Elrond network. The official token on this network at first called ELD, which was an ERC-20 token. But when the dedicated blockchain of Elrond launched in 2020, the previous tokens were swapped with the new one, called ELDG, which is not an ERC-20 token anymore.

Does Apple Pay have fees and charges?

Apple Pay does not impose any additional fees on top of those levied by your credit card provider. However, additional fees shouldn't apply to Apple Pay transactions made using a debit card. Also, note that our exchange charges no trading fees as well.

Is it a good time to buy EGLD?

The future of coins is not predictable. No one can tell you if ELDG will have a future or if it may lose on the way. But, since the network is trying its best to solve the problems of previous blockchains, it is possible that ELDG will still be in use in the future.

Can users exchange cryptocurrencies through Apple Pay?

No. Users cannot exchange cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay. However, our exchange has a variety of tools and products for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies if you're interested in doing so. Additionally, the wallet on our exchange enables users to easily manage their cryptocurrency assets.

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