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How to buy LPT

Just 3 easy steps to start investing in Livepeer

Create your account
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Sign up on the website, and verify your account with complete information.

Select a payment

Select whether you want to purchase LPT with PayPal, Google Pay, etc.

Start buying

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What is Livepeer ?

Livepeer is an Ethereum-based network for video transcoding, released in 2018. The major reason for designing such a network was to reduce the costs that video streaming had before. Livepeer is a scalable Platform As-a-Service (PaaS) for startups or organizations to add live or on-demand videos more easily. It reformats videos so that anyone with any range of bandwidth or any device can see them without any problem. Therefore, Livepeer makes streaming more reliable and cost-effective. It can reduce the cost of video streaming by up to 50x compared to previous methods.

For more information and updates about this coin, check Livepeer official website.

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What is LPT ?

LPT is the official token of this network that is mainly used to secure the network and support the video encoding process. Livepeer Token (LPT) is an ERC-20 token that is used to coordinate with participants on the Livepeer network. LPT holders can make money on the Livepeer platform. They are either called orchestrators or delegators. Depending on their role, every video they broadcast will have a reward for them, which will be paid in Ether, or a stable coin such as DAI. The maximum supply of LPT is around 25 million tokens, and almost 23 million are in circulation. LPT set its highest price record of $101 per token in November 2021 and showed it could be a profitable investment.

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Is Livepeer reliable

Livepeer uses a two-layer consensus mechanism that is a combination of the Ethereum blockchain and a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) security model, which guarantees the security of this network. Apart from its network, Livepeer Token is also secure. If you want to use the tokens for different processes on the platform, it is better to choose a software wallet. But if you consider buying LTP as an investment, hardware wallets are more protected.

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After you've bought LPT

LTP is mostly considered a rewarding coin that is used on the Livepeer network. People who want to stream a video on this platform can spend their coins on the network. In addition, LTP owners with more streaming videos will receive Ether or DAI rewards. Therefore, people can make money by using their LPT coins and streaming videos. LPT also has other uses, such as staking, trading, or voting. Therefore, LTP owners can also use their coins to vote to make changes on the network.


Without a doubt, one of the main reasons for buying coins is their probable investment profit. LPT is one of the popular coins that has shown it could be a profitable investment. Therefore, you can buy Livepeer Tokens from a trusted exchange like Blocktrade, keep them in a secure wallet and wait until their price rises. However, you should know that the future of cryptocurrencies is not predictable. Even if the price predictions of a coin show it will be profitable, any incident might change everything. Therefore, if you are a beginner in this world, it is recommended to invest as much as you can afford to lose. You can make an exit point for your investment to avoid any loss.

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Other Methods of buying Livepeer

Where can I buy Livepeer

If there is any crypto ATM near you, it is possible to buy some coins with these machines and you should check to see whether it sells Livepeer or not. However, the process is not as simple as it seems. Furthermore, the ATM rates are somehow more than other methods.

Direct Purchase
You can buy Livepeer directly from another person over the web.

Crypto Exchanges are the safest places for buying Livepeer. You can use Blocktrade as a cheap, secure, and global exchange to buy LPT. You don’t need to pay any trading fee while using Blocktrade exchange. Sign up for free, create an account, and purchase LPT with a few clicks.

How to sell Livepeer

Sell on Blocktrade

Sign up and verify your Blocktrade account

You’ll need a username, email address and a strong password to sign up on Blocktrade. Then, you'll be guided to verify your account.

Deposit LPT to your Blocktrade account

To sell Livepeer on Blocktrade, generate a deposit address and transfer the desired amount - just as simple as sending it to any Livepeer address.

Start selling Livepeer!

Once you deposited your Livepeer in your Blocktrade deposit address, you’ll be able to sell your LPT.


Frequently asked questions

Livepeer network is gaining more popularity among people. Since it offers video streaming and makes it more reliable and cost-effective, it is highly expected for it to still be on the market in the future. Therefore, its tokens might be more usable and become a good investment.

If you create an account on any exchange, such as BlockTrade, you can easily buy and sell your Livepeer tokens.

The cost of buying Livepeer can vary depending on where, how, and when you purchase it. Typically, the price is determined by supply and demand in the cryptocurrency market. The price can also be influenced by market sentiment and news about the cryptocurrency. To find the current price of LPT, you can either log in to our website and see the real-time price or check our Livepeer Calculator to see the price of Livepeer in your desired currency.

No one can guarantee that an investment will be profitable. A good investment depends on different factors. The predictions show that the LPT price might rise in the next 5 years. In this case, depending on the LPT price of the day, it might be a good investment in the future.

There are several options to buy LPT such as cryptocurrency exchanges, Peer-to-peer marketplaces, Livepeer brokers, etc. However, cryptocurrency exchanges are among the most popular ways to buy Livepeer for beginners. You can easily buy Livepeer without any buying fees from our exchange.

Like any other network, Livepeer also has competitors, which are commonly the streaming platforms like Theta Labs, Dlive.TV, and LBRY.

There is no right time to buy Livepeer, as the price is highly volatile and can fluctuate rapidly. Some experts believe that the best time to buy is when the price is low and predicted to rise, while others believe in buying and holding for the long term.
It is always recommended to do your own research, understand the risks, and have a clear investment strategy before buying Livepeer or any other cryptocurrency.

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