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Frequently asked questions

Is Tron worth buying?

Cryptocurrency market analysts mention the snowball effect regarding the Tron currency and believe that the price of this digital currency will experience excellent highs in upcoming years. Smart contracts will play an important role in the development of Tron in the future, and the low cost of transactions and fast processing time will attract many users to this network. Additionally, the supply of Tron is limited and a specific number is provided which can help with the increase of its value over time. However, we must not forget that investing in the cryptocurrency market requires knowledge and experience.

What are the advantages of using Apple Pay?

You decide which forms of payment Apple Pay will use to carry out your crypto transactions when using its services in conjunction with our exchange. Plus, Apple Pay enables you to store debit and credit card information on your Apple device in order to facilitate simple online transactions. 

Who are the founders of Tron?

Tron is the brainchild of a young Chinese entrepreneur named Justin Sun. Justin Sun worked on Ripple before Tron. Big Chinese companies such as Bitmain, QTEM, Binance, and FBG Capital have supported him. The second most important character in Tron is Lucien Chen. He was one of the senior employees of big companies such as Tencent and Alibaba, and now he is the leader of Tron's technical department and has a history of working in cryptography, advertising, algorithm writing, and big data. Not much information is available about the rest of Tron's team. Tron's website claims to have more than 100 employees who have worked in companies such as Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba.

Does Apple Pay have fees and charges?

Apple Pay does not impose any additional fees on top of those levied by your credit card provider. However, additional fees shouldn't apply to Apple Pay transactions made using a debit card. Also, note that our exchange charges no trading fees as well.

What are some organizations that use Tron?

You can use digital wallets to store crypto tokens such as TRX.  Tron's official website has introduced several different wallets for storing TRX. TronLink is one of Tron's authentic wallets, introduced by Tron's official website. This wallet can be installed on mobile phones and two operating systems, Android and iOS. Also, by downloading the extension of this wallet, it can be installed on the Google Chrome browser. You can also use the wallet provided by our exchange, which makes trading TRX much easier. Note that hardware wallets are still the best option for storing Tron. However, because hot wallets can quickly connect to a number of protocols, many people continue to prefer them.

Can users exchange cryptocurrencies through Apple Pay?

No. Users cannot exchange cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay. However, our exchange has a variety of tools and products for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies if you're interested in doing so. Additionally, the wallet on our exchange enables users to easily manage their cryptocurrency assets.

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