We combine our expertise in international investing and trading with our passion for blockchain technology and digitalisation to disrupt the future of finance.

Luka Gubo


Luka is a sought-after author, speaker, and mentor. He has a wealth of experience in trading, investing, and risk management and is an expert in market microstructures and macroeconomic trends and cycles. The Blocktrade CEO is shaping the disruption of the financial markets with his mission to develop platforms, tools, and methods that simplify investing in both primary and secondary markets for digital assets. 

Andrej Grobler


Andrej is a digital transformation consultant and blockchain technology enthusiast with more than 15 years of international experience in the financial industry.

Damjan Kuznar


Damjan’s comprehensive experience as an AI researcher, software engineer, and solutions architect builds the perfect foundation for creating a modern high-performance exchange platform.

Luka Praper, CFA


Luka combines his interest in new technologies and innovations with his extensive experience in international business and financial consulting. He is a CFA charterholder who specialises in corporate finance, financial controlling, business planning, and investing.

Matic Nedog


Matic, a PhD student with a wealth of experience in the legal field, is the legal consultant for obtaining the licence under MiFID II and developing innovative corporate-law concepts combining with new technologies.

Kristjan Dekleva

Head of Risk Management

Kristjan, a finance professional who passed the CFA Level III, combines experience in private equity, corporate finance, and academic research with a keen interest in applying blockchain technology in capital markets.

Rok Pirnat Zivec

Head of Customer Service

Rok creates smooth onboarding experiences for customers and employees and equips customer service representatives with intuitive tools for seamless communication across multiple channels.

Gasper Stih

Head of Marketing

Gasper is dedicated to building brands that leave an impact. He specialises in implementing strategies for sales and marketing, developing digital marketing materials, and executing media campaigns backed by data analysis and customer analytics.

Tim Mak

Head of Business Development

Tim’s background is in finance and IT, and he has worked on various blockchain projects. His passion is to build, manage, and leverage business relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect. His expertise is vital to accelerating Blocktrade’s long-term growth and success.

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