BTT Token

BTT Specifications

BTT is a payment token powering the ecosystem.
Type: ERC20 (custom Ethereum token)
Circulating supply: 57,746,762 BTT*
Total supply: 57,746,762 BTT*
Decimals: 18

Contract address: 0xFA456Cf55250A839088b27EE32A424d7DAcB54Ff

Markets: IDEX, Radar relay


BTT Functionality

BTT has one primary, but not the only, function: it is to be used for membership fees on Exchange. Exchange Members will be able to pay the membership fees with EUR or BTT. The pricing, and consequently the amount of BTT spent on the fees, is dynamic. Startups/projects that are issuing security tokens and would like to list them at can pay the listing fees with BTTs and ensure themselves a faster way to go through the process. A full fee schedule is available on the website.

BTT Benefits

This unique fee structure differs significantly from regular pricing models. It beneficially influences market liquidity and makes very attractive for:

  • market-makers,
  • high-frequency traders and
  • institutions.

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The BTT Story Token (BTT) is a continuation of the Hedge Project (HDG). A token freeze and subsequent token swap were conducted in H1 2018. Please note that any claims for BTT replacing HDG stuck on exchanges have to follow the procedure outlined here:

*BTT’s predecessor, HDG, was deployed in Oct 2017.

The BTT Story

You can buy your BTT tokens at several decentralized exchanges and we are updating the list every day.

BTT is paired with ETH.