One click trading

We have committed to making your desired actions as simple as possible. crypto trading platform offers you an intuitive experience, enabling you to securely complete transactions with just one click. Trading has never been so easy!

One click trading

Clean user interface

Unlocking crypto trading can only happen with a splendid user experience.

We have invested a considerable amount of time into planning, analyzing and improving the interface that would give you everything you need. With you get all the necessary information as well as usability beyond expectation.

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Take your trading with you wherever you go – with just one click. offers you a seamless experience on your smart devices. In a beautifully designed application, you will have a clear overview of the marketplace, your assets and safe recipients. Trading has never been so easy.

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Activity overview

Whether you are a professional or a frequent trader, you need to have all the activities listed in one place. offers a clean and expandable record of everything that you did on the platform. Have a complete overview of all your trading activities - anytime and anywhere!

Performance overview

With, you get a clear picture of your marketplace. Adjust the time span to your needs and make informed trading decisions.

No matter which device you are using at the given moment, detailed performance overview as well as quick trading functions are always at your service.