Special offer – BTT token holders benefit even more!

Are you a regular trader who values premium experience? Our classic fee is as low as 0.3% and for the first two months, we are cutting that by half. You can start trading at 0.15%. If you desire to go even lower, membership packages are tailored for you. They come with speed and top notch customer support!


For institutional investors and high-frequency trading firms, we have prepared the unique Supreme Package. Contact us if you would like to know more about its benefits.

Benefit with BTT tokens

When you pay the membership fees with Blocktrade tokens (BTT), you get a 50% discount on the membership.

Startups/projects that are issuing security tokens and would like to list them at can pay the listing fees with BTTs and ensure themselves a faster way to go through the process.

Customer Support that You Can Rely On.

As most crypto traders and investors often complain about poor customer service from current trading venues our focus, to begin with, shall also be to build a great customer support team.

Our goal is to make the product reliable and user friendly, knowing that we are operating with customers’ funds and how a situation can be incredibly frustrating when an issue arises that you can’t get a prompt response to.

Since 67% of app users prefer self-help support, we will use advanced features for an efficient self-help support. We’ll also provide an automated ticketing system, with our agents on standby to provide resolutions for any problems that may arise. Additionally, other means of communication will be available with the goal of reducing response times and lowering issue resolution times. Our intent is to provide a fully equipped support center with enough agents to satisfy our customers’ needs and to consult on scaling the service as the platform and its user base grows.

Great User Experience

on Desktop and Mobile

Take your trading with you wherever you go - with just one click. offers you a seamless experience on your smart devices. In a beautifully designed application, you will have a clear overview of the marketplace, your assets and safe recipients. Trading has never been so easy. Subscribe and be the first to get access to app!

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