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Trading, UX

Does crypto trading need a better user experience?

Analyzing, observing and talking to traders of all levels of expertise gives us a clear answer –...

Antwerp and Brussels Wrap Up. EU Series. visited Antwerpen, the diamond capital of the world followed by Brussels...

Paris Wrap Up. EU Series.

Wie, Wie, Yes was in Paris today. Spaces incubator lab hosted the...

Amsterdam. EU series. kicked off the EU Tour Series on Saturday, 9th May in Amsterdam. We met with...

Money 20/20 Amsterdam: The Wrap Up

Money 20/20 Europe is one of the most prominent events focusing on finance. It provides the...
Cryptocurrencies, Future

The Future of Regulated Crypto Exchanges

What can we learn from past to see in the future? Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have already been...
Announcement Roadshow: EU Series

Keeping in touch with loyal supporters, connecting with institutional investors and...
BTT Markets

BTT listed on IDEX

Blocktrade tokens are paired with ETH. Start trading at

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