Antwerp and Brussels Wrap Up. EU Series. visited Antwerpen, the diamond capital of the world followed by Brussels the political capital of Europe. Belgium welcomed with open arms and we got to enjoy a premium Belgium IPA larger with decadent Belgian waffles. presented from the Adneom Benelux offices in Brussels. We would like to thank Adneom and Benjamin for hosting us and we thank all attendees for coming out to meet us last night, it was a full house. The greatest take away for participants was the imparting of knowledge on the technicals of how an exchange actually operates, how regulation is shaping the crypto sphere and how we believe STO’s (Security Token Offerings) are moving towards the de facto standard. We also spoke about how is a superior trading facility factoring in current exchange shortcomings.

Giovanni have made a short wrap up video clip of the event in Brussels.

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Merci Adneom.

For our next stop, Bonjour, we are in Paris. Come and meet us at:

Paris : Time: 13:00- 15:15
Where: Paris, Spaces Reaumur, 124 Rue Reaumur, Paris, 75002, France