News: token economics

Many productive discussions, calls with lawyers, email exchanges, and meetings have brought us to the result we wanted for BTT token economics.

BTTs will still be used for payment of services at (membership fees, listing fees, etc.) but after the payment is made, BTTs will be burnt forever. This aligns BTT holders incentives perfectly with the success of – the more success has, and more BTTs are being used, the lower the supply of BTT.

Prices for services are set in EUR and paying them in BTTs gives traders the ability to get an additional 50% discount on the EUR price. For example, if you choose to become the Advanced member, the monthly membership fee is 129 EUR when paid with EUR, but 64.50 EUR worth of BTTs when paid with BTTs.

Additionally, BTTs will be listed on in October.

PS: We will be inviting Lifetime members to register and start trading on in the following days. After that, all supporters that tested the beta version will be invited to open their live accounts, and soon after that, we will launch to the public. Your support will be crucial for the successful launch, so we will reward users who invite their friends to open trading accounts and start trading on