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Today, we usher in the Future of Crypto: – Crypto Trading Unlocked.

After numerous hours of sleep deprivation, running on adrenaline fuelled by the positive feedback from the community, we bring you – a top-tier trading facility for Crypto Assets, Crypto Traded Indices™, and other Blockchain related Financial Instruments.

What exactly do we mean by “top-tier trading facility”? We mean a fully regulated and compliant, high transaction throughput, with Swiss security levels, crypto asset exchange for both individuals and institutions alike. We are unlocking crypto trading for everyone. brings blockchain-based technologies and crypto assets to a unified and connected marketplace, all under one banner. Swiss guarded with the highest security and integrity features, performance driven, high volume and market-depth that meets stringent statutory compliance. is a brand you can trust to bring you the sophistication and the simplicity you need, with institutional features at the palm of your hand.


One Vision, Same Team

You already know us. The visionary and hardworking team of Hedge decided to step up for We shifted our drive, motivation and value-driven mentality into a higher gear for our community. Moreover, we have carefully selected and welcomed new valuable team members and experts in the field of software development, financial markets, and fintech platforms. We will continue to attract renowned IT and Financial professionals from around the globe in order to further strengthen our position in the market and ensure you top service.


New Standard of Security and Performance

In the pursuit of providing a superior experience for both institutional and retail traders, rests its competitive advantage upon two main drivers:

1. Superior Software Architecture

From initiation, was built keeping scalable and evolutionary technology stacks in mind. This allows adaptability in a crypto world designed around constant flux. The technology has been developed with understanding and collaborating with the most demanding market participants and best industry standards.

We have devoted intense focus on planning best in class software architecture that will rely on recent advances in computer science. By using continuous integration and deployment we can insure constant improvement of our back-end without traders even noticing the upgrades. In addition to focus on performance, we implemented an advanced event sourcing system which ensures that our trading facility keeps running even in the case of main server failure.’s advanced matching engine has been tested to process over 1 million trades per second and utilises a multi-core scalability approach. We will unlock institutional grade trading for retail clients, brokerages, mutual funds, algorithmic and HFT traders, while keeping the future trader in mind.

2. Compliance to regulatory frameworks

The regulatory framework allows a unique competitive advantage where members and clients are protected, and a regulatory stamp that makes us a brand you can trust. is in the process of acquiring a trading facility license under MiFID II which would unlock the ability for brokerages, institutional money managers, and banks to connect in a regulatory compliant and technologically reliable way. With full regulatory compliance and Nasdaq-like or better software architecture, we are ready to serve millions of global institutional and retail clients.


Get to Know the Brand

Our aim is to give you an unparalleled trading platform experience that you will love to use on a daily basis. In order to achieve this experience, we needed to put seamless building blocks in place.

The cutting edge brand name, logo and colours all stand for our Vision to be a global brand that users and traders can identify with. The Swiss Alps are fortitude, rising to the summit and pointing upward, towards greatness.

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Be The First – All Aboard

In March 2018 we will open an exclusive Pre-Registration and Trading Facility Preview to our registered subscribers. You will be able to open a trading account upfront and access exclusive navigation through the web client trading facility, as well as Android and iOS mobile applications.

As the on-boarding process will begin shortly, we invite all our supporters, extended community, competitors and strategic partners to join us in spreading the word. We encourage you to join on  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where we will regularly keep you updated and answer all your questions.

In the very near future, there are also many opportunities to meet us in person and have a sneak peak of We will present the Future of Crypto Trading on some of the most prestigious global fintech events. Visit us at World Exchange Congress in Oman, Blockchain Africa Conference, Money 20/20 in Singapore, NYC Consensus, Blockchain Expo in London, and Money 20/20 European edition in Amsterdam.

Crypto Trading Unlocked.