Security and utility token listings

Blocktrade has started with the listing process for security and utility tokens, which consists of two stages: The first stage is the assessment review and analysis, and the second stage is the listing itself.

Due diligence

Pre-listing assessment

We are following existing guidelines and laws in Europe, and we can, therefore, not list all cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and utility tokens. If a token was offered to supporters or investors improperly and conflicts with regulations, it cannot be listed on Blocktrade.

This structure is why we are doing the due diligence process in-house and do not rely on a legal opinion that is usually provided when listing on exchanges. This also means that we will charge a fee for the process of researching the asset.


Listing of security tokens

The pre-listing process for security tokens that will be available for trading after regulatory approval includes an assessment of compliance with the definition of financial instrument, a prospectus directive, and a fit-and-proper test on the issuer. Companies and projects that are planning or have already completed their STO can reach out to us to start the pre-listing process and, if approved, can be certain that there will be a trading venue for their security token.


Required documents

The following documents must be submitted for a security token pre-listing:

  • Issuer information or prospectus
  • Articles of association
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Investors facing documentation