How to Benefit From Solana Airdrops Like Jito? A Beginner’s Guide

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On December 7th, 2023 the Jito airdrop caused a new hype within the Solana ecosystem. The protocol rewarded around 10,000 active participants with free tokens, many users gaining more than €10,000. This has raised a new question in the Crypto world: how to profit from other airdrops on Solana?

How to Benefit From Solana Airdrops Like Jito? A Beginner’s Guide

Solana is experiencing a surge of attention in recent weeks: no matter if it’s the Jito airdrop, or the excitement around BONK – a coin that was originally created as a meme coin, but recently took the spotlight from older coins like DOGE & SHIB, thanks to its price growth of more than 750%.

In this guide, we look into the promising world of Solana airdrops, offering insights into upcoming opportunities in the Solana ecosystem that could potentially be just as lucrative. Keep in mind: no future airdrops are explicitly guaranteed, but the existence of point systems in the platforms listed, makes it a quite promising possibility. And even if some of the platforms do not immediately start new airdrops, the promise of APY and potential gain of value of Solana make them a noteworthy opportunity either way.

How to be part of marginfi’s potential airdrop?

As the largest decentralized lending protocol on the Solana blockchain, as reported by DefiLlama, marginfi stands out. This platform allows users to either lend or borrow tokens.

A straightforward approach for beginners is to lend Solana tokens. By doing so, you not only earn an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) but also accumulate marginfi points – one for each USD value of Solana lent per day.

marginfi has not yet revealed how the points will exactly be used in the future. But accumulating them will lead to both, APY on your deposited token, and a good position for a potential big airdrop.

To get started, buy your SOL tokens on Blocktrade and send them to a self-custodial wallet. Afterwards, visit marginfi to sign up and connect your wallet to get started.

How to be eligible for a possible Kamino airdrop?

Kamino is another rising decentralized financial platform on Solana. Like on marginfi, you can lend or borrow money, and you can also provide liquidity to decentralized exchanges.

Kamino has announced a point system, but hasn’t revealed details yet – your opportunity to get in early. By lending some Solana, you can earn APY and put yourself in a great position to be among the first users to earn future Kamino-points and gain access to a potential airdrop.

To be a part of Kamino’s airdrop opportunity, buy SOL tokens on Blocktrade. Once they are on your self-custodial wallet, visit Kamino’s website to connect your wallet and deposit your funds.

What to know about Drift’s potential airdrop?

Similar in function to Marginfi and Kamino, Drift is a smaller yet promising player in the Solana ecosystem. It offers transactional services and the option to deposit funds for APY earnings.

Unique to Drift is their system of regular raffles and tickets. The tickets are earned by actively transacting or depositing funds on Drift. The more tickets you own, the higher the chance to win a prize during the raffles – and potentially, an airdrop might follow based upon a similar calculation, too.

To get started, connect your Solana wallet to Drift and deposit some SOL onto the protocol.

How to farm Jupiter’s airdrop?

Jupiter allows you to exchange Solana and different other, smaller tokens that are based on the Solana blockchain.

Having already completed the first phase of their airdrop, Jupiter has good news for potential participants: three more rounds are in the pipeline.

In the first airdrop, Jupiter rewarded consistent activity – the more months you are active, the better – and volume per wallet. By using Jupiter for Solana token conversions, you can enhance your eligibility for upcoming airdrops.

To do this, you need to connect your Solana wallet to Jupiter‘s platform.

How to be a part of Solana airdrops in 3 simple steps:

To engage in these exciting airdrop opportunities, there are three simple steps to follow:

  1. Purchase Solana: Start by buying Solana on Blocktrade, with zero fees and full reliability
  2. Acquire a Compatible Wallet: Opt for a self-custodial wallet that supports the Solana blockchain, like Phantom or Zerion. Securely store your seed phrase and, to get started, initiate small transfers from Blocktrade to your wallet, to ensure your safety and control.
  3. Participate in Airdrops: With your wallet set up, sign up for the airdrop opportunities on the aforementioned platforms. Follow the described steps to position yourself for potential airdrop rewards.

Some words of caution:

While the recommendations mentioned above are some of the most established protocols in the Solana ecosystem, it is important to keep some safety measures in mind:

  • There is no guarantee for future airdrops – While the likelihood of future airdrops is high, there is no guarantee and no way to predict if and when they will happen
  • Stay safe with self-custodial wallets – In a self custodial wallet, you have to double check where you authorize them. If you connect your wallet to scammers or hackers, they might gain access of all funds that are carried on the particular wallet. Be sure to carefully look at the URLs that you open to avoid phishing and impersonating sites.
  • Blocktrade in no way endorses and is not affiliated with any of the platforms mentioned above – It is up to you to determine the reliability and safety of each platform.
  • Too risky? You could simply buy and hold Solana on Blocktrade. That way, you can benefit from a rising enthusiasm in the Solana universe via potentially rising values of the SOL token, while having it safely stored on a EU-based, fully regulated exchange.


Will there be another Jito (JTO) airdrop?

The Jito airdrop happened on December 7th, 2023. Currently, no further Jito airdrops have been announced.

What will be the next big airdrop on Solana?

There are frequent rumors about airdrops on marginfi, Kamino, Drift and Jupiter. Jupiter has already allocated the first round of their airdrop, and has announced three further rounds, with no concrete date.

How can I participate in an airdrop on Solana?

To participate in an airdrop on Solana, you will usually need to have a self-custodial wallet and connect it to the protocol that is potentially giving out an airdrop. Then, you will have to interact with the service, which could come in the form of providing liquidity, lending funds, or other options.

How do I buy Solana?

To purchase Solana, you can simply sign up for a Blocktrade account and purchase Solana at the current market price with zero fees.

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This is not financial advice. Mentioning coins and tokens is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or participate in the associated network. We would like to encourage you to do your own research and invest at your own risk.

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