Zurich and Zug

Blocktrade.com stopped in neighbouring Switzerland. We met some ex bankers and key contacts in the crypto valley. Switzerland is a key market for us as it is not only a crypto-friendly and progressive state but it has key linkages to Liechtenstein and is also seen as a reputable financial destination.


In Florence, we visited the oldest bank in the World, Banca Monte di Pasca in Siena. The deep age-old banking rivalry in Toscany between Florence and Siena can be felt with prestigious monuments and opulence . The setting was not only inspirational but also takes us back to our banking roots, the medieval power of the Medici family, the birth of modern day banking and the art renaissance. Blocktrade.com met with some avid traders and supporters in Florence.


The hidden gem of Europe. Beautiful mountain ranges, country side, sea, city and the world biggest Bitcoin monument. Slovenia is an emerging crypto harbour, with many crypto focused start-ups originating from this region. Not to mention Bitstamp.

Blocktrade.com stopped in BTC city and ran its Meetup from the ABC Business incubator studios. We met other crypto and blockchain projects and spoke to a few individuals about Blocktrade.com and its journey.


Vienna not only has the Red bull, the world’s largest brewer and Jägermeister but is one of the regions in Europe with the most Bitcoin ATMs and crypto focused movement. Blocktrade.com met a group of Viennese supporters who came to have a Austrian beer and conversation on trending crypto news, trading and regulation.


Blocktrade.com had some developers and traders attend the Meetup in Berlin. Berlin is not only known for the collapse of the Berlin wall but for being a start-up capital with many venture capital and businesses having dual presence in Berlin and another EU or US location. Blocktrade.com was also present at the Oceans Protocol meetup held at Silicon Allee, which presented on many interesting developments in the big data space, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the legal nature around data. Couger, Ocean, IXO and Connectome presented on topics from  virtual agents  to charity  and even  ethics of artificial intelligence. Think of this as Tom Cruise of Minority Report meets iRobot, this movement is surprisingly big in Asia. A well-known AI robot Sofia was also discussed and the actual mechanics behind her and where the world is going. Blocktrade.com always tries to position itself among breaking novel technologies and increase the development of its networks and roots within the crypto community. Thank you to Oceans and for having us attend.



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