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Best in class trading facility for Crypto Assets, Crypto Traded Indices™, and other blockchain related financial Instruments.

Setting completely new standards of crypto trading!

Every day, we are getting faster, more secure and customer friendly.

Fully Regulated is in the process of acquiring a trading facility license under the MiFID II regulation.

Supreme Processing Power

Processing over 1 million trade requests, we are unlocking crypto trading for all retail and institutional users.

Swiss Security Standards

High level internal and external security protocols verified and audited by security experts.

Unmatched Customer experience

Simple user interface and great support team create a seamless experience, unique for the entire trading world.

Great User Experience

on Desktop and Mobile

Take your trading with you wherever you go – with just one click. offers you a seamless experience on your smart devices. In a beautifully designed application, you will have a clear overview of the marketplace, your assets and safe recipients. Trading has never been so easy. Subscribe and be the first to get access to app!

Impressive performance is exceeding expectations.





Consensus New York: The Wrap Up

The team (Luka CEO and Giovanni CCO) took part in the world’s biggest blockchain and crypto enthusiast conference in New York. The entire week had Blockchain related Meetup events outside of the conference, with this being dubbed the New York’s...

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Will cryptocurrencies replace money as we know it?

We can say with certainty that countries (with the exception of Zug, Switzerland) will not accept bitcoins for taxes or other services provided by the state. Central banks will not replace the current currencies they record on their balance sheets (and influence their...

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What is money?

A lot of Bitcoin's followers are convinced that this cryptocurrency will eventually replace classic (fiat) currencies. Due to faster transactions, lower costs, decentralization and limited quantities of bitcoins in circulation, only cryptocurrencies are expected to be...

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