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What is eCredits (ECS)?​

eCredits is an ecosystem built to bring local businesses closer to consumers, thereby strengthening regional economies. Open, decentralised and based on blockchain technology. 

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The cryptocurrency: eCredits (ECS)​

ECS is a free-floating, decentralised cryptocurrency designed as means of transaction for purchasing at stores and online shops, as well as sending ECS to family and friends. ​

The decentrally governed organisation: The People's SCE​

The eCredits Ecosystem is supported by an open, community-driven organisation with a unique decentralized governance model, allowing users to vote and thereby shape the future of eCredits.

What makes eCredits a game-changer?

ECS does not come from a tech lab, but from the reality of everyday people. It has emerged with the aim of solving concrete real-life problems and is inspired and guided by the true needs of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (MSMEs) and Consumers. 


The unique corporate structure allows users to actively shape the future
of eCredits - be it by participating in voting or building (d)Apps on the eCredits blockchain.

Supporting local economy

eCredits provides merchants with a wide range of tools to stay competitive and increase customer loyalty, thereby strengthening regional economies.

Solving traditional finance problems

eCredits makes all parties more competitive through the automation of complex international transactions, with cheaper cost structures, faster processing options and its own reward system.

How to use eCredits?

The eCredits App

Transfer eCredits easily to and from the eWallet App!

eCredits (ECS) can be used with its own custom wallet, to use in stores, online shops, bars and restaurants, as well as for peer-to-peer transactions.

The main application that connects users to the eCredits Ecosystem, allowing them to transfer to merchants providing goods and services in a fast and highly convenient way.

The eWallet App is available for download in Google Play and AppStore.

How to buy eCredits (ECS)?

You can buy eCredits with credit/debit card, bank transfer, or via Bitcoin or USDC on Blocktrade.