BTEX is an EU-regulated exchange token that bridges the gap between gaming and crypto investing.

What is Blocktrade Token (BTEX)?

BTEX token is the fuel of Blocktrade’s gamified ecosystem, unlocking a wide range of utility on Blocktrade and the network of our partners.

BTEX is an ERC-20 token that adheres to full transparency standards on the Ethereum blockchain.

Blocktrade aims to create a gamified trading universe that integrates gaming and crypto investing, which is the company’s long-term vision.

The ecosystem is designed for scalability, incorporating several key components that are connected by the Blocktrade Exchange Token (BTEX), which serves as the foundation.

BTEX Token Utility

BTEX will be fully integrated into the Blocktrade product portfolio and ecosystem

Blocktrade Gamification


The gamified Rewards Program will be based on 50 unique levels

Reward levels​

50 levels create an exciting challenge for users to complete tasks and unlock rewards. The level thresholds are based on BTEX tokens and XP points.

XP points​

Users can earn up to 637k experience (XP) points by completing certain actions on the platform, which are designed to drive user verification, activation, and retention.

BTEX tokens​

For users to advance in the Rewards Program, they need and hold a certain number of BTEX tokens, while earning free token airdrops every time they level up.

NFT avatars​

Users will earn a free NFT avatar every time they level up, and can unlock up to 50 unique digital collectible avatars.

How to buy BTEX?

You can buy BTEX with credit/debit card, bank transfer, or via Bitcoin or USDC on Blocktrade.