Listing on Blocktrade

Blocktrade listing policy
Listing Process on Blocktrade


After the applicant completes the listing form, our team will conduct a preliminary screening to evaluate the minimum eligibility criteria and speed up the activation process.
We will schedule a call with successful prospects to guide them through the next step, which involves creating and verifying their business account on Blocktrade.


As part of our onboarding procedures, the project will be asked to submit documents required for a detailed legal and compliance analysis based on Blocktrade’s listing policy.
Once the project passes the necessary checks, Blocktrade will roll out the Service Agreement.


Upon acceptance of the Service Agreement, Blocktrade then deploys the necessary infrastructure to enable the token listing on our backend.
During integration, the project will also receive directions regarding initial liquidity and market-making setups.


Congratulations! Once the liquidity has been transferred, your token will be listed on Blocktrade shortly.

For any listing related inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Listing referral program

Blocktrade offers a listing referral program to invite the best projects to our platform. Learn more about it here