Crypto Payments. Finally done right.

100,000 Merchants. Cashback on transactions. Instant payments. Extra rewards in BTEX.
Pay with Blocktrade
Blocktrade is powering a financial revolution:
with our new terminal, merchants can accept Crypto and Cash with only one terminal - and get paid in Euro instantly.


can finally pay with all their Crypto assets daily
Buy everyday goods, eat a nice meal, have a fun night out. And pay for everything with Crypto. By the end of 2024, we'll onboard up to 100.00 merchants.


can finally accept Crypto and Fiat with a single device
No more sudden course changes, or calculating exchange rates. With the SKAi2 POS device, Blocktrade takes care of everything!
The easiest solution

No more waiting times!

Payments with BTC or ETH traditionally took up to half an hour before being confirmed. Blocktrade's solution is faster and cheaper.

No more multiple devices for merchants!

Bulky devices, extra effort to accept Crypto at stores? No more! Our easy device accepts Crypto and other payment methods all at once.

How does it work?
Here is a quick overview of the process
How does Pay with Blocktrade work?

You can own this solution and the company behind it

Have you ever imagined investing into Apple, Tesla or Amazon before their big breakhroughs? There are exciting times ahead.
Benefit from the potential success through dividends and an increase in share value.
Extra benefits in BTEX
The more often you pay with Blocktrade in everyday life, the better!

Soon, each POS transaction will count towards special rewards. These will be distributed in BTEX, Blocktrade’s gamified exchange token. This is a win-win situation:

  • Even more rewards and incentive for users to shop regularly with Blocktrade
  • A positive impact for the distribution and usage of BTEX

Questions and answers


Class A and Class B shares differ in voting rights. Class-B shares have fewer voting rights but may still offer high dividends as well as other benefits.

Share information will be sent via email. Once the digital representation of the shares (tokenized shares) on the Blockchain will be available on Blocktrade’s dedicated shareholders’ portal, they will be visible on a new dashboard, which will be created on a sub-page of Blocktrade. Once the public offering is officially closed, shares digitally represented on the token (tokenized shares) can be consulted at all times through the Blocktrade shareholders’portal. You will get access to the portal before the closing the public offering.

Tokenizing shares involves representing traditional securities into digital tokens on a blockchain. This process enhances speed, accessibility, liquidity, and potentially reduces transaction costs.

After shares become represented on a token, you can sell them or fractions of them through the Blocktrade shareholders’portal.

No, such conversion is not possible.

Dividends are typically distributed periodically, based on the company’s performance. Blocktrade aims to have the first profitable months in 2025, aims to be fully profitable in 2026 and would therefore be ready to pay dividends for the year 2026 if everything goes according to plan.