BTEX: Your token for 2024 🚀

Get your BTEX tokens and benefit from our rapidly growing ecosystem. BTEX is the fuel of Blocktrade’s gamified universe, unlocking a wide range of utility on Blocktrade and throughout our partner’s ecosystem.

Safe and compliant exchange for your digital assets

Blocktrade 2.0 - Feature-rich Exchange

Based out of the EU, with HQs in Luxembourg and Estonia, Blocktrade is a best-in-class trading platform for buying, selling, and trading a wide range of digital assets

Zero trading fees

Buy your favorite cryptocurrencies on Blocktrade without any trading fees

Wide range of cryptocurrencies

We offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Number increasing as we’re adding new coins and tokens regularly

Various payment methods

Multiple payment options including bank transfer, debit/credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Loyal user base

Our userbase is large, dedicated, and consistently active

Safe and compliant exchange for your digital assets

Blocktrade 3.0 - Gamified Universe

We will introduce a gamified user journey with a level-based rewards program, including XP points, leaderboards, challenges, and NFT avatars

Reward levels​

50 levels create an exciting challenge for users to complete tasks and unlock rewards. The level thresholds are based on BTEX tokens and XP points

XP points​

Users can earn up to 637k XP points by completing certain actions on the platform, which are designed to drive user verification, activation, and retention ​

BTEX tokens​

For users to participate in the rewards program and advance to higher levels, they need to buy and hold a certain number of BTEX tokens​

NFT avatars​

Users will earn a free NFT avatar every time they level up, and can unlock up to 50 unique Crypto Greek Gods

BTEX Token Utility

BTEX Token Utility

Blocktrade Platform

Blocktrade Ecosystem

In-game currency for multiple in-house and third-party games

Payment option within partner ecosystem

Listing and trading multiple other exchanges​

Please note that not all of the utility features will be available at the time of the token listing and will be added over time.

BTEX Token

BTEX Whitepaper

Download the comprehensive BTEX whitepaper where you can find all information you need.
You can also find a brief overview of the BTEX story, tokenomics, and token sale in the one-pager in 8 different languages.

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How to Buy BTEX

Participating in the token sale is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes

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Team behind the vision

Our leadership team consists of highly experienced professionals

BTEX team

Blocktrade’s International Team

An international and talented team with diverse perspectives and deep experience in the crypto industry


Team members





Team of seasoned industry experts with experience from leading companies


Fully Regulated in the EU

Blocktrade is registered as a VASP with Estonian, Italian, and Slovenian regulators and fully compliant with AML5 guidelines

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Questions and answers


BTEX is a payment token fully compliant with Estonian regulatory requirements. It is based on the ERC-20 standard, with complete transparency on the Ethereum blockchain.

Only members of the Blocktrade VIP community are eligible to participate in the exclusive round. You can find all the information about Blocktrade VIP community here. 

It is extremely easy and it takes 4 steps, you just need to.  
1. Register on 
2. Verify your account
3. Make a deposit (Euro or USDC) 
4. Buy BTEX easily on the dashboard when the token sale is open 

As soon as you purchase BTEX tokens, they will be visible in your Blocktrade account. However, it is important to note that the settlement of the tokens will only occur after the anticipated public listing in June 2023. 

If you are part of the VIP community and wish to take a part in the BTEX token sale, we suggest having your funds in Euro or USDC in your Blocktrade account before May 5, 2023. This will enable you to purchase BTEX as soon as the token sale opens, as there is a possibility that the exclusive round may sell out quickly. 

For the public round, we recommend transferring your funds to your Blocktrade account before May 19, 2023. 

The Strategic Pre-Sale sold out quickly and was offered to lead supporters and partners, including funds and game industry companies, who will contribute to the execution of our new Blocktrade 3.0 strategy centered around gamification and gaming.

Yes, you will be able to use BTEX as in-game currency outside of Blocktrade, as payment option within our partner ecosystem, and trade BTEX in multiple other exchanges. Please note that not all utility features will be available at the time of the token listing and will be added over time. 

For the public round, we recommend transferring your funds to your Blocktrade account before May 19, 2023. 

Indeed, we offer an exclusive referral program for BTEX, enabling you to earn a commission on BTEX purchases made by your friends during the public round. For example, if you are a Blocktrade VIP Community member and invite a friend who buys 1,000 BTEX during the public round, you will receive an extra 100 BTEX as a one-time reward.  

Blocktrade VIP community members will enjoy a 10% commission, while other users will receive a 5% commission. Further details will be shared shortly. 

Blocktrade operates in 120+ countries that are eligible for the BTEX token sale. There is, however, a list of countries that Blocktrade does not operate in that can be found here.

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