Listing security tokens has started with the listing process for security tokens. Listing of security tokens consists of two stages: the first stage is the assessment review and analysis, and the second stage is the listing itself.

Pre-listing assessment:

Since we are following existing guidelines and laws in Europe, we cannot list all cryptocurrencies, security and utility tokens. If the token was offered to supporters and/or investors improperly with potential conflicts with regulations, then it cannot be listed on

This is why we are doing the due diligence process in-house and don't rely on a legal opinion that is usually provided when listing on exchanges. This also means that we will charge a fee for the whole process of researching the asset that wants to list.

Listing Security Tokens

Pre-listing process for security tokens which will be listed and available for trading after regulatory approval includes assessment of compliance with definition of financial instrument, prospectus directive, fit & proper test on the issuer, and other relevant checks. Companies and projects that already completed their STO or are planning one can reach out to us to start the pre-listing process and if approved, can be certain that there will be a trading venue for their security token.

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As a fully regulated multilateral trading facility, will offer a unique opportunity for completely regulated, extremely secure and powerful trading with crypto assets to institutions and their clients.

For the very first time, hedge funds, banks, brokers, asset managers, and other financial institutions can assure their clients fully compliant crypto trading.

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Required Documents

Documents needed when submitting for security token pre-listing:

  • Issuer Information or Prospectus
  • Articles of Association
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Investors facing documentation

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Are you interested in listing a token on a soon-to-be fully regulated crypto trading platform? Do you recognise the opportunities crypto trading brings but the regulatory uncertainties have been keeping you at a safe distance so far? Please fill in the form below and our consultants will get back to you shortly.