Is it too late to jump into crypto?

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Welcome back to the Blocktrade Academy Course! Last time we discussed “How much should beginners invest in crypto?” In this section, we’ll be discussing a topic that’s on the minds of many potential investors: is it too late to jump into crypto? Many people believe that the gains have already been made and that the market is too crowded for new investors to make a profit. But is that really the case?

To help us answer this question, we’ll turn to our resident crypto expert, Martin. Martin has been in the crypto game for years and has seen the market go through its ups and downs. He knows the ins and outs of the industry and is here to share his insights with us. So, let’s dive in and find out if it’s really too late to invest in crypto.

The Market

The cryptocurrency market has been around for over a decade, and it’s grown significantly in that time. However, many people are still unsure about whether it’s too late to invest in cryptocurrency. The reality is that the crypto market is still relatively small in comparison to other financial institutions. The entire cryptocurrency market capitalization is around $1 trillion, while Apple, which is just one company trading on the NASDAQ, is valued at over double that.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are shaping up to be one of the biggest technological and financial revolutions of our lifetime. This means that cryptocurrency still has a lot of room to grow, and the bigger picture trend looks positive. The trend is your friend, and sometimes patience is all that’s needed. Just like Apple stock, which was trading at under a dollar for almost three decades before rallying to $7 in 2008, before crashing down to $3 in the financial crash that same year. Today, Apple trades at around $150 a share, and $1,000 invested during that crash would be worth $50,000 today. Similarly, check out this long-term BTC chart to see how the cryptocurrency market has grown over the years.


What Will be the Future of Crypto?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have the potential to transform the way we live and interact with each other on a global scale. The decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain allows for secure and efficient transactions without the need for intermediaries like banks or governments. This has the potential to democratize financial systems and provide access to financial services to the unbanked and underbanked population around the world. In addition to financial systems, blockchain technology can also be used in a wide range of applications such as supply chain management, healthcare, voting systems, and more. It has the potential to increase transparency, security, and efficiency in many areas of our daily lives.

We don’t know where the price of crypto will end up, but we are confident in its survival in the long run. Cryptocurrency, just like Apple decades ago, is potentially revolutionizing our day-to-day lives. Investing in cryptocurrency isn’t just about making money; it’s about investing in the future of our world.

When Should I Start Investing in Crypto?

The age range of cryptocurrency investors is much wider than some may think. We have investors starting at 18 years old going all the way up to 85. In fact, if you have access to a computer or smartphone, you can easily manage your crypto investments using the Blocktrade platform. This means that it’s never too late to start investing in cryptocurrency, regardless of your age or experience level. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone, from young adults just starting out to seniors who want to diversify their investment portfolio. So, if you’re curious about the world of crypto, don’t be intimidated by the perceived age restrictions. You have the potential to be a successful investor, and our team at Blocktrade is here to guide you every step of the way.



In conclusion, investing in cryptocurrency is a decision that requires careful consideration, but it is certainly not too late to jump into the game. Despite the high volatility and risks involved, the potential rewards can be significant in the long run. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and mature, we are likely to see more widespread adoption of this technology, which has the potential to revolutionize industries and change the way we live our lives. With the right approach and guidance, anyone can invest in cryptocurrency and be a part of this exciting and innovative movement. If you’re ready to start, check out our second topic “Which cryptocurrencies should I keep my eye on then?

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This is not financial advice. Mentioning coins and tokens is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or participate in the associated network. We would like to encourage you to do your own research and invest at your own risk.

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