Open API

The Blocktrade digital assets trading platform can be easily connected to any other trading facility. This way, you can offer your customer a unique user experience and extremely powerful trading.


Discover an intuitive API

The features of the Blocktrade programming interface allow you to create your own applications to access the tools and data of the operating systems, applications, and services you need to execute your trading strategy.


Make it yours

Connect the Blocktrade API with your trading platform interface, customise your data, and use all the trading strategies and tools you already know.


Benefit from advanced analytics

Raise your trading game with real-time market insights and a multitude of analytical tools: Turn data into trading strategies with market depth, access order-book statuses, and review your trading history.


Get started

Work with the API that has it all: The Blocktrade API provides all the necessary endpoints you need to conduct your data gathering or automated trading – including trading and order book data, creating orders, tracking portfolios, and streaming WebSockets.

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