Become a shareholder of fast growing Blocktrade

If you’re the kind who hunts great opportunities early, here’s your chance to own a piece of a rapidly growing company.

The public round is open now on Equito and CONDA Capital Market.

Become a shareholder of fast growing Blocktrade

More than €x raised until today
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x days left to participate in exclusive round
January 25
Exlusive round is LIVE 50%
February 9
June 9
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x days left to participate in exclusive round
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Benefits of becoming a shareholder

The unique investment opportunity you've been looking for.

Sharing the success

Becoming a shareholder means you could potentially see your shares increase in value over time and receive a portion of the company's profits as dividends.

Invest in early stage

Investing in early-stage offers the potential for significant growth and higher returns compared to established companies.

Receive tokenized shares

Tokenized shares let you easily buy and sell small pieces of ownership, like stocks in a company, but faster and simpler.

Ready to become an investor?

Blocktrade today

Gamified Crypto Platform

Blocktrade stands out as the pioneer and sole regulated crypto exchange seamlessly combining gaming and cryptocurrency within a single platform.
Blocktrade fundraising
Net deposits YoY
Blocktrade fundraising
Blocktrade is registered as a VASP with Estonian, Italian, and Slovenian regulators and fully compliant with AML5 guidelines
Blocktrade tomorrow
Blocktrade is evolving into the EPIC platform, broadening its earning opportunities, creating a gaming center, diversifying investments across multiple assets, and joining forces with SKAi2 payment terminal to enable global crypto payments for merchants.


Reviewing our quick successes achieved through hard work in a short time and our commitment to continuing the same diligent effort to achieve even more.

2023 Q1

2023 Q2

2023 Q3

2023 Q4

2024 Q2

2024 Q3


2024 Q2


2023 Q2

2023 Q4

2024 Q3

Investor calendar

Blocktrade's class-B shareholders and the VIP community have a unique chance to purchase shares at a 10% discounted rate within the initial two weeks. The equity fundraising will remain open to all, including VIPs, until mid-July.
Share price

Exclusive Round

Finished - €500,000 total investments
Open to Blocktrade existing shareholders* and VIP community
28 February - 13 March 2024 (2 weeks)
Share price
EUR 0.216

Public Round

(open now)
Open to all
14 March - 15 July 2024**
Share price
EUR 0.24
  • *Under the preemptive rights accorded to already existing shareholders of Blocktrade S.A.
  • **Could be closed earlier until all available shares are sold.
  • The minimum purchase amount is 1000 shares (minimum €216 for the exclusive round and €240 for the public round).


Investment Documents

Please read the detailed documents for all the information you need. You can also find a short summary of the equity offering in a one-pager available in 11 languages.


Benefits of owning Blocktrade tokenized shares

You will receive tokenized shares for your investment on Blocktrade and you will be able to manage your tokenized shares on Blocktrade shareholders' portal.


You can buy and sell your tokenized shares, anytime and with anybody on Blocktrade platform.


You will have full control over the amount and time (24/7) of trading your tokenized shares.

Easy to manage

No long and time-consuming, expensive paperwork is needed for selling and buying your tokenized shares.

Reliable asset

Tokenized shares are reliable assets and their value will grow with the success of the company.

Receiving your tokenized shares:

  • In 6-8 weeks after buying shares on or CONDA Capital Market. (Both options are available with identical pricing and conditions.), you will gain access to the Blocktrade shareholder portal and you will receive your tokenized shares;
  • Once the public offering is officially closed and all necessary paperwork is completed, you will be able to trade your tokenized shares in Q3 of 2024 through the Blocktrade shareholders’ portal.

How to buy your shares

Participating in the equity sale is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes

Register & verify in

Deposit & Buy your shares

Receive investment confirmation

Receive your tokenized shares

Team behind the vision

Our leadership team consists of highly experienced professionals

BTEX team

Blocktrade’s International Team

An international and talented team with diverse perspectives and deep experience in the crypto industry


Team members





Team of seasoned industry experts with experience from leading companies

Members of

Questions and answers


Purchasing shares is a straightforward process that typically takes about 20 minutes. Here are the steps:

  • Create an account on or CONDA Capital Market. Both options are available with identical pricing and conditions.
  • Verify your account
  • Deposit funds using bank transfer or credit/debit card
  • Enter the desired number of shares and click ‘Buy’
  • Receive confirmation of your investment

Feel free to watch this tutorial video

Equito is our regulated financial service provider, guaranteeing safe transactions for the buy-out of shares of Blocktrade.

Class A and Class B shares differ in voting rights. Class-B shares have fewer voting rights but may still offer high dividends as well as other benefits.

Share information will be sent via email. Once the digital representation of the shares (tokenized shares) on the Blockchain will be available on Blocktrade’s dedicated shareholders’ portal, they will be visible on a new dashboard, which will be created on a sub-page of Blocktrade. Once the public offering is officially closed, shares digitally represented on the token (tokenized shares) can be consulted at all times through the Blocktrade shareholders’portal. You will get access to the portal before the closing the public offering.

Tokenizing shares involves representing traditional securities into digital tokens on a blockchain. This process enhances speed, accessibility, liquidity, and potentially reduces transaction costs.

After shares become represented on a token, you can sell them or fractions of them through the Blocktrade shareholders’portal.

No, such conversion is not possible.

The minimum purchase amount is 1000 shares which will be €216 for the exclusive round and €240 for the public round.

Dividends are typically distributed periodically, based on the company’s performance. Blocktrade aims to have the first profitable months in 2025, aims to be fully profitable in 2026 and would therefore be ready to pay dividends for the year 2026 if everything goes according to plan.

Only Blocktrade VIP community members and Class-B shareholders can participate in the exclusive round with a 10% discount from January 25th to February 9th. Find detailed information about the community here.

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