Why BTEX is rising – Real-world payments with our token

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Ever since Blocktrade 4.0 launched, the value of BTEX has been going up. Our new version makes it possible to pay with Crypto in stores – directly from your Blocktrade account.

The news was welcomed by our community and by new holders of BTEX, who now purchased the token.

But what exactly is the good news for BTEX?

Why BTEX is rising – Real-world payments with our token

An additional use case for BTEX

A core factor in the success of any Cryptocurrency is its utility: the more ways people can use a token, the better are its chances of rising to the top. With Blocktrade 4.0, you can use BTEX for purchases in restaurants and stores – with up to 100,000 merchants being roled out all across Europe before the end of this year. This is a new, real-world use case that offers a great synergy with the BTEX core vision: shopping meets gamification and rewards.

Get BTEX for every payment in stores

BTEX is the core token of our exchange. And we’re making it even more prominent: every customer (level 5 & above) who pays in a store with Blocktrade, will receive a bonus in BTEX to their account. This comes in parallel to the additional cashback bonuses that are granted for purchases. This means, a whole new audience – shoppers who are trying out crypto purchases – will be introduced to BTEX, and existing BTEX holders can accumulate even more, simply by doing everyday purchases.

One of its kind

BTEX stands out as the only exchange token that now has a real-world, shopping use case. Apart from unlocking benefits on Blocktrade, you can now also use BTEX to buy your groceries, a delicious dinner or other necessities of everyday life. This puts us far ahead of other exchange tokens, that are unclear on their implementation and purpose. 

And the benefit of having an additional use case can also mean exciting possibilities for the value of BTEX. Standing out in the mass of competitors will allow us to attract new token holders, which is an important step for growth.

BTEX as the token of choice for SKAi2

Our partner, SKAi2, is rolling out their point of sale devices at the moment, which will enable merchants to accept Crypto and Credit Cards in one simple system. The device will accept all 50+ tokens that are available on our exchange, but BTEX will be the most prominent one. The token will be the most visible, and will be part of unique promotions and specials in the upcoming months.

How the token has performed

On Friday, January 19th, we announced Blocktrade 4.0 – and in the hours after the launch, BTEX has seen a strong rise in value. Take a look at the chart below, to see the performance of the launch day. And our team is working hard to create even more features, partnerships and use-cases for BTEX – this is only the beginning.

What’s next for Blocktrade?

We want to offer our community the chance to benefit from our exciting growth. That’s why we are launching the EPIC fundraising round soon. You will have the chance to invest into Blocktrade at this pivotal moment in our company’s history – right as we are launching a unique technology and our exchange token is seeing a strong performance.

Click here to learn more about the fundraiser, and join our CEO, Christian Niedermüller and CPO, Konstantin Horejsi for an AMA session on 24th January. at 6pm CET.

Save the event to your calendar now to make sure you won’t miss any details of our exciting plans.

Start investing today!


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