Recap of 2023: A Year in Review

Blocktrade - Recap of 2023
Recap of 2023: A Year in Review

As we step into the first few weeks of 2024, we reflect on 2023 – a year that was a blend of challenges and triumphs for Blocktrade. Our journey through the past 12 months has been nothing short of remarkable, shaped by the unwavering commitment and hard work of our team. Now, with fresh goals on the horizon for the new year, we pause to look back and celebrate the milestones we achieved together in 2023. Below is a summary that captures the essence of our key moments and major accomplishments in product development, marketing, legal, and strategic initiatives. Our ability to rapidly deploy new features and enhancements is a clear indicator of our dedication and drive. Fueled by this past year’s successes, we are more determined than ever to reach our goal of being among the top 10 digital asset platforms in Europe.

Quarter 1 – 2023

The year began with enhancements to our product and a pivotal shift towards becoming a gamified platform, marked by the introduction of a new logo and the strategic pre-sale of the BTEX token.

Saving Plans:

In the first update of the year with Blocktrade 2.3, keeping our customers’ security in mind, we offered the option to set up automatic recurring transactions. This feature allows users to consistently save in crypto and leverage market volatility, enabling their portfolios to grow steadily over time. More information about this feature is available here.

Strategic Pre-Sale of BTEX:

We initiated the strategic pre-sale of BTEX tokens to leading supporters and partners, including investment funds and companies in the gaming industry.


In line with our strategy to create a more engaging user experience through a gamified crypto asset platform, we rebranded the Blocktrade logo and visual identity. This new visual identity marks the start of our journey towards creating a gamified universe. Our approach to gamification aims to make investing more entertaining for our users, potentially attracting a broader audience and helping investors achieve their financial goals. Learn more about our rebranding here.

Blocktrade Academy:

As the cryptocurrency market evolves daily with new coins entering the market, choosing the right investment can be challenging. To assist our users, especially newcomers, in navigating this complex world, we launched Blocktrade Academy in March. The academy offers a series of short educational videos covering various aspects of cryptocurrencies, from basic introductions to comparisons with other coins.

ApplePay and GooglePay Integration:

With the introduction of new payment options in Blocktrade 2.3, crypto buyers can now use ApplePay or GooglePay. These secure payment methods allow for contactless payments using smartphones or other devices and offer several benefits:

      • Simple tap-to-pay functionality.

      • Secure storage of card details on the user’s device.

      • Faster transactions, particularly for cryptocurrency purchases.

    Independent Financial Audit:

    In 2023, Blocktrade successfully completed three statutory audits for our entities in Luxembourg and Estonia. Independent and accredited auditors approved our annual accounts for 2021 and 2022, laying a stronger foundation for future investors and business partners. We also timely submitted the Own Funds Report to Estonia’s FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit), underscoring our commitment to financial responsibility and regulatory compliance.

    Quarter 2 – 2023

    The second quarter of 2023 was centered around the launch of the gamified universe of Blocktrade and the BTEX token.

    BTEX Whitepaper Release:

    We were excited to announce the Blocktrade Exchange Token, known as BTEX, in our first update of the quarter. With Blocktrade 3.0, we introduced a gamified user journey and positioned BTEX as central to this interactive platform. BTEX acts as the primary fuel for our gamified ecosystem and plays a key role in our reward program. You can read the BTEX whitepaper here.

    Reward Program – Blocktrade 3.0:

    A major strategy for Blocktrade in 2023 was to make crypto investing more enjoyable and accessible. Thus, we introduced a reward program as part of Blocktrade 3.0, linking the excitement of gaming with the world of crypto investing. This update brought in gaming features like themes based on Greek Gods, avatars, a level-based reward system, Experience Points (XP), and the BTEX token. To enhance this approach, we also offered free token airdrops at each level.

    So far, we have developed 50 unique levels to motivate users to complete various tasks. At each level, users receive rewards such as:

        • A 12% trading bonus to boost their trading capabilities and grow their investment portfolios.

        • A 7% discount on credit card deposits, enabling users to add more funds to their accounts.

        • A 2% discount on crypto withdrawals for easier digital asset management.

        • 240 BTEX tokens for use in the gaming system or other purposes.

      The leveling system is based on BTEX and Experience Points (XP).

      Additionally, in this update, we introduced 50 avatars that users can select at each level. These avatars represent five versions of each god/goddess.

      BTEX Token Sale:

      Our BTEX token sale was a resounding success, with over €5,600,000 worth of BTEX sold and substantial support from more than 2200 global innovators. The successful launch of Blocktrade 3.0 and its gaming features was compelling enough to encourage users to invest in our dedicated token.

      Blocktrade has also attracted significant media attention. Our new strategy has been featured in notable publications such as Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, BTC-ECHO, Cryptonews, Europe Gaming, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, and Live BITCOIN NEWS, among others.

      Numerous popular influencers have reviewed BTEX tokens and our gamified platform in various languages across different social media platforms, recognizing BTEX as a promising and innovative project with significant market potential.

      Community Minigames:

      Another significant update on Blocktrade is the introduction of minigames, such as puzzles, bubble shooters, and match 3. Committed to becoming a fully gamified crypto exchange, Blocktrade focuses on these minigames and a level-based rewards program. Users can choose to play minigames, and if they win one of the first three places, they receive an amount of BTEX, which can be used for other purposes. Hundreds of users participated in these competitions, with over 100K plays during that time.

      Real-Time Price Charts:

      For every investor, it is essential to see the real-time price of each cryptocurrency to make informed decisions about buying or selling. We have provided this feature in our latest update.

      Estonian VASP License Renewal:

      Blocktrade is registered with regulators in Estonia, Italy, and Slovenia. We renewed our Virtual Asset Service Provider certificate in Estonia. Blocktrade is fully regulated in the EU, providing more trust and confidence for traders in this area to purchase, invest, or trade cryptocurrency.

      Customer Onboarding Improvements:

      We revamped our customer onboarding flow by removing extra steps to make the user experience smooth and hassle-free. By following a community-first approach, we believe that by prioritizing our users’ needs and interests, we can create a platform that has diverse real value and supports the growth of the digital asset ecosystem.

      Quarter 3 – 2023

      In the third quarter of the year, we focused on expanding the number of available tokens via DeFi and Gold and kept empowering the BTEX token.

      BTEX Enhancement:

      The last quarter of the year started with BTEX burning. 3 million BTEX tokens were burnt every quarter. This burning process has the potential to increase the value of BTEX for its owners. This token-burning process will persist until 25 million tokens are burned, which will account for 5% of the total token supply.

      Defi Token Listings:

      Blocktrade 3.2 added 17 DeFi tokens to its assets, providing a timely solution for those who prefer using cryptocurrency instead of traditional financial systems. Each token has its own benefits, such as voting power, providing liquidity pools, dApp development, or staking. These tokens are also valuable as investments. Therefore, our users can diversify their portfolios and hedge against risks.

      Listing Precious Metals:

      We added PAXG, a gold-backed cryptocurrency, to our investment list. PAXG is an ERC-20 token that maintains a value always equal to physical gold. Digital gold can solve the problems associated with investing in physical gold, such as safety concerns. Buying digital gold like PAXG enables investors to have access to their gold wherever they go, which is not possible with physical gold. Now, gold enthusiasts can also preserve the value of their money by investing in PAXG. Read more about it here.

      Ambassador Program:

      We successfully launched the Blocktrade Ambassador program, rewarding dedicated users for various online activities on a daily basis. We currently have over 100 participants and are planning to expand the program and increase participants over the coming year. You can apply to join the Blocktrade ambassador program here: https://zealy.io/c/blocktrade/questboard 

      BTEX Listed on Coinstore

      BTEX has been officially listed on Coinstore, a leading cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore. This exchange is renowned for its large user base, which currently exceeds 4 million. The listing of BTEX on Coinstore is a significant step, enhancing its liquidity and paving the way for new global partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities. Coinstore added BTEX to its platform on September 15, 2023, enabling Singaporean traders to exchange USDT (Tether) for BTEX.

      Advance Trading New Interface:

      Our efforts to revamp the entire platform have culminated in the upgrade of the exchange view (advance trade), completing the redesign process. We are committed to continuously enhancing the user interface and user experience on both mobile and desktop platforms.

      Quarter 4 – 2023

      We aim to be the first crypto exchange to integrate an Arcade and focus more on gaming, in partnership with game developers. Concurrently, we are enhancing the BTEX token through the BTEX earn program. Additionally, we have made significant progress in delivering our promise of tokenized shares.

      BTEX Listing on Bit2me:

      Bit2Me, which offers over 200 cryptocurrencies, now includes BTEX in its list. Bit2Me is recognized for its security and convenience as a trading platform, facilitating the purchase and sale of a variety of cryptocurrencies.

      New Web Design:

      Changes have been made to the Blocktrade web design to improve navigation and user experience. This new modern interface features various content categories for crypto enthusiasts.

      Starting Shares Tokenization:

      Blocktrade is tokenizing shares for our 5000 class-B shareholders. As one of the first regulated crypto exchanges to offer this solution, we are providing a user-friendly way for shareholders to access their tokenized shares. The platform is ready, and invitations to shareholders will be sent soon.

      BTEX Earn Program:

      The BTEX earn program allows holders to earn passive income. With the release of Blocktrade 3.3, holders of at least 3000 BTEX tokens who reach level 10 can earn a monthly yield on their tokens, starting at 3% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and increasing with each level-up. Rewards are distributed monthly, and the program is free of charge.

      Blocktrade Arcade:

      With the launch of Blocktrade 3.4, we have introduced the Blocktrade Arcade, a highly innovative feature and a first in the crypto industry. This feature, being the first game section on a crypto exchange, marks a significant milestone in our roadmap. It uniquely merges the worlds of gaming and trading. This initial release is the Beta version of the Arcade, featuring three simple games, with plans to add many more soon.

      To enhance our users’ experience beyond mere numbers and charts, Blocktrade Arcade allows users to play games and earn Experience Points (XP). As users level up, they unlock a variety of exclusive rewards, including trading bonuses, unique avatars, and withdrawal discounts, among others. For more information, you can read further about the arcade here.

      Partner Games Integration:

      Blocktrade is enhancing the Arcade by integrating third-party games. This strategic move boosts user engagement and aligns with our vision of blending crypto trading and entertainment. It underscores Blocktrade’s commitment to innovative financial experiences.

      What comes next is EPIC

      Reflecting on our achievements in 2023, we are setting ambitious goals for 2024, aiming to make Blocktrade an EPIC platform in the gaming and crypto space. EPIC stands for:

      E – Earn passive income

      P – Play fun games

      I – Invest in a wide range of digital assets

      C – Crypto payment solution

      We are currently in the beta phase of EPIC, with a full release planned that will position Blocktrade uniquely in the market. Our marketing efforts will also expand to align with this unique position. In 2024, we plan to start Blocktrade Equity fundraising, offering tokenized shares to both current and new shareholders, with the trade of shares becoming available during the year. There are exciting developments and partnerships in store for the BTEX token. We look forward to innovating and elevating the user experience in our industry. Stay tuned for more updates.

      Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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