Blocktrade 4.0: Pay with Cryptocurrency at more than 100,000 stores

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Paying in stores with cryptocurrencies like BTC, BTEX and ECS has been a long-awaited vision for all crypto fans around the world.

Today, with the launch of Blocktrade 4.0, we are making this vision a reality!
Thanks to our partnership with the SKAi2 POS (Point of Sale) system, you can now make purchases at partner stores and restaurants with any cryptocurrency that is available on Blocktrade and earn instant cashback with the transaction.

Blocktrade 4.0: Pay with Cryptocurrency at more than 100,000 stores

Blocktrade & SKAi2 – Simply pay in stores with Blocktrade’s app

With the newly released update of Blocktrade’s mobile phone app, there’s a new function available in the menu: Pay with Blocktrade.

When you visit a Blocktrade partner store, simply go to the cashier, open the Pay with Blocktrade function on the app, and scan the individual QR code that the cashier will show you.

You will then get to choose any cryptocurrency that you currently hold on your Blocktrade account as payment. The merchant will receive a payment confirmation instantly.

The best part? You will receive a cashback reward into your Blocktrade account immediately.

This technology is now being rolled out to merchants all over Europe – by the end of March 2024, SKAi2 expects to have 10,000 devices distributed to stores & restaurants. And at the end of the year, up to 100,000 merchants will have a SKAi2 device powered by Blocktrade, accepting crypto payments for all purchases.

A new era for merchants

Customers have been demanding ways to use cryptocurrency in retail stores for several years. So far, it was an unsolvable challenge: delayed processing times for transactions, uncertainty of sudden price crashes, and technical difficulties.

Blocktrade and the SKAi2 POS system are changing all of that. By processing the transfers instantly and by automatically converting the amount into Euro, the merchant has absolute security.

For the first time in history, accepting crypto payments is now as easy as accepting any legacy payment method such as cash or credit cards.

And while Visa and Mastercard take 1-3 business days before payments are fully processed, our solution allows merchants to immediately receive Euro onto their account. One device enables them to accept everything from 60+ cryptocurrencies to cards, from Apple Pay to Google Pay.

Merchants who use the SKAi2 POS system with Blocktrade will therefore have a huge advantage: a state-of-the-art POS system allows them to accept all traditional forms of payments while also giving them the market power of the crypto community. With the additional value of offering cashback on transactions and being amongst the first to accept crypto, they will be the most exciting businesses in their area!

Another step towards EPIC Blocktrade!

Last year, our CEO Christian Niedermüller presented the vision of EPIC Blocktrade: Earn, Play, Invest, Crypto payments. With the first release of the SKAi2 POS solution, another important milestone on the road to the EPIC vision has been reached..

BTEX, our exchange token, will play a big role for the payment solution, with unique rewards and extra bonuses brought to you as a Blocktrade user. 

Combining this with our unique gamification system, our XP and level up features, Blocktrade is bringing a fintech innovation to the world like no other company.

The partnership of Blocktrade and SKAi2 is only starting with today’s beta release. As we progress with our EPIC project, further steps of integrating the innovative payment solution within our platform will follow. This includes even more integration for BTEX, opportunities to stake crypto and an even deeper connection to our gamified features, like XP and levels.

Your opportunity: Become a shareholder

With the new possibilities of the SKAi2 users – partnering with over 100,000 merchants and their loyal customers, in addition to our continued growth, Blocktrade is aiming to make 2024 our most EPIC year yet.

Very soon, the investment round for Blocktrade will open – it’s the chance for our community members to directly benefit from Blocktrade’s growth by becoming a shareholder.

Find the details of our fundraiser here: blocktrade.com/epic

We are just getting started in the world of crypto payments. Stay tuned for more details on the rollout. If you have any questions, join our Telegram group or our next AMA with our CEO, Christian Niedermüller and CPO, Konstantin Horejsi.

Start investing today!


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