Blocktrade 3.0: Unveiling the Gamified Crypto Platform with Greek Gods Theme, NFT Avatars, and Level System

Blocktrade 3.0 announcement
Blocktrade 3.0: Unveiling the Gamified Crypto Platform with Greek Gods Theme, NFT Avatars, and Level System

Blocktrade has been at the forefront of continuous innovation and improvement for a considerable time now – steadily enhancing its platform with a series of updates and new features. With the introduction of Blocktrade 2.0, we implemented zero trading fees in marketplace, adding credit/debit card support, and expanding our token offerings.

We didn’t stop there. Blocktrade 2.1 expanded our asset selection to include NFTs, Metaverse tokens, and Web3 assets, catering to the evolving needs of our users. In Blocktrade 2.2, we introduced a referral program, allowing users to earn even more rewards. Blocktrade 2.3 brought a saving plan and support for Apple Pay and Google Pay, further streamlining the user experience.

The journey continued with Blocktrade 2.4, where we unveiled a brand-new iOS app, a redesigned mobile view, and an improved onboarding flow, all aimed at accelerating user growth and setting the stage for the gamified universe.

Now, we are thrilled to announce the release of Blocktrade 3.0, a groundbreaking gamified crypto platform that merges the thrill of gaming with the realm of crypto investing. This remarkable platform introduces an enchanting Greek gods theme, captivating NFT avatars, and a sophisticated level system, transforming the way users engage with digital assets.

Level-Based Rewards Program

At the heart of Blocktrade 3.0 lies a level-based rewards program that adds an element of challenge and achievement to the user experience. With a staggering 50 unique levels to conquer, users are motivated to complete various tasks and unlock an array of enticing rewards. The level thresholds are based on BTEX tokens and XP points, offering a balanced progression system that ensures continuous engagement.

Level-Based Rewards Program - Blocktrade

User benefits with each level 

As users progress through the 50 unique levels in Blocktrade 3.0, they unlock a range of exciting benefits and rewards. Let’s take Level 27 as an example to highlight some of these perks. Level 27th is equal to Aphrodite in 3rd level avatar.

  1. Trading Bonus: Upon reaching the level, users are rewarded with a substantial 12% trading bonus. This bonus empowers users to maximize their trading potential and enhance their portfolio growth.
  2. Credit Card Deposit Fee Discounts: A 7% discount on the fees associated with credit card deposits. This reduction in fees provides a cost-effective solution for users to conveniently add funds to their accounts.
  3. Crypto Withdrawal Discount: Receive a 2% discount on crypto withdrawals. This discount encourages users to seamlessly manage their digital assets while enjoying reduced transaction costs.
  4. Reward in BTEX Tokens: In addition to the aforementioned benefits, users are rewarded with 240 BTEX tokens. These tokens hold inherent value within the Blocktrade ecosystem, further enriching the user’s experience and potential earnings.

These enticing benefits demonstrate Blocktrade’s commitment to rewarding users’ loyalty and dedication as they progress through the levels of the rewards program. By providing tangible advantages at each stage, Blocktrade incentivizes users to actively engage with the platform, amplify their trading activities, and enjoy a host of exclusive privileges.

XP Points and BTEX Tokens

To advance through the rewards program, users must accumulate XP points by actively participating in specific actions on the platform. These actions are thoughtfully designed to encourage user verification, activation, and retention. As users progress, they will also need to hold a certain number of BTEX tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Blocktrade. Additionally, users receive free token airdrops with each level-up, adding an extra layer of excitement and value to their journey.

NFT Avatars: Unleashing the Crypto Greek Gods

One of the most intriguing features of Blocktrade 3.0 is the introduction of NFT avatars. Each time a user levels up, they unlock a free NFT avatar, allowing them to personalize their profile and showcase their achievements. Embracing the Greek gods theme, Blocktrade presents the Crypto Greek Gods collection, featuring five female goddesses (Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Hera, Nemesis) and five male gods (Apollo, Ares, Hades, Poseidon, Zeus). These limited-edition digital collectible avatars, meticulously designed by a professional NFT artist, serve as a symbol of accomplishment within the rewards program.

Note: User Avatars are available with the launch of Blocktrade 3.0. NFT functionality will be added in the coming weeks.

NFT Avatars: Unleashing the Crypto Greek Gods

The Intersection of Greek Mythology and Web3/Crypto Technology

The Crypto Greek Gods collection artfully merges traditional elements of Greek mythology with modern Web3 and crypto technology. By intertwining gaming and crypto investing, Blocktrade creates a captivating connection that bridges the past and the future. With 50 unique avatars (five versions for each goddess/god), users have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world where legendary figures come to life, representing their dedication and progression within the platform.

User Journey Gamification

Blocktrade 3.0 goes beyond mere rewards and avatars by providing a comprehensive gamified user experience. The platform introduces experience points, leaderboards, challenges, badges, and a host of other exciting features to incentivize users to engage more frequently. Users can explore a gamified universe where points, mini-games, leaderboards, and challenges enhance the interactivity and enjoyment of their overall experience. By holding Blocktrade’s own BTEX tokens and performing specific actions, users can unlock various benefits and rise through the ranks of the level-based rewards program.

User Journey Gamification

A Community-First Approach

Blocktrade’s community-first approach sets it apart from other digital asset trading platforms. By listening to community feedback, Blocktrade plans to introduce additional avatar themes, allowing users to further customize their profiles based on personal preferences. This dedication to user satisfaction ensures that the platform remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs and desires of its community.

Last word

With the release of Blocktrade 3.0, we are ushering in a new era of innovation by seamlessly combining gaming, NFTs, and a crypto exchange within a single platform. Innovation is ingrained in our DNA, and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital asset landscape.

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