Blocktrade 2022 Recap

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Blocktrade 2022 Recap

In 2022, Blocktrade faced a range of challenges and surprises, but the company was able to overcome them and achieve significant success. As we move into 2023, our team has set new goals, drawn valuable insights, and developed plans for the year ahead. It’s an ideal time to reflect on the highlights of 2022 and share our plans for the coming year.  

Product – Blocktrade 2.0 to Blocktrade 2.2

The launch of Blocktrade 2.0 was a significant milestone for us. It is impossible to share everything that went into it, but there were countless changes to our infrastructure, systems and a complete overhaul of our apps. Given that a lot of these changes were beneath the surface of the water, we are excited to help surface all these improvements over the coming months in the form of faster deposits and withdrawals, quicker support for listing new assets, additional ways to ‘convert’ currencies and more. That said, there were a number of externally visible releases which have all been received extremely well:

  • Brand new and more intuitive user interface for mobile and web
  • ZERO trading fees
  • 19 new tokens were added during the launches of Blocktrade 2.0 and Blocktrade 2.1
  • New payment options – credit/debit card, SEPA bank transfer
  • Live chat support
  • Integration with state-of-the-art crypto custodian service provider for ultimate fund safety
  • Referral Program
  • Various security and performance updates

With these changes we’re certain we can provide additional assets, pairs and services with some of the most competitive fees on the market – and ZERO trading fees on an ever-expanding list of assets. Additionally, if you have any questions or need assistance, our amazing support agents are now available 7 days a week through live chat support! We believe this additional support is a huge win for our community and will help us to onboard even more customers. Blocktrade 2.0 wasn’t just a usual update, it was the beginning of a new era for the company and customers. During the launch of Blocktrade 2.2, the referral program was added, so now it’s possible not only to invite friends but also to earn referral bonuses together. When you share a link with your friends and they buy €100 worth of any crypto, both of you get the €10 bonus, so more friends – more bonuses.

Growth & Partnerships

We have defined a unique strategy in a promising market niche to become Europe’s first fully regulated and gamified trading platform for digital assets, which will create a durable competitive advantage. As part of that new strategy, a brand-new and gamified rewards program together with an own exchange token were designed to put our users front and center and maximize the utility they receive from using our platform. The cross-over theme of Crypto Greek Gods was chosen for the launch of a fully gamified universe that will be applied throughout the entire Blocktrade ecosystem – level up your investments together with us!

Blocktrade was officially registered in Estonia, Italy and Slovenia, as our legal team was working hard to achieve such results and keep your funds safe. That’s not all, because we are going to grow and develop even more, thus we are planning to be officially registered in Portugal, North Macedonia and France in 2023!

Marketing – Ready for the growth 

A lot was done in 2022 to connect Blocktrade and its users, and we have achieved great results! Various marketing activities were held this year. The biggest achievement was to create a dedicated marketing team of talented people.

What was done in 2022:

  • Blocktrade website was updated with a modern design;
  • The number of social media followers was increased to 10K on different channels;
  • Blocktrade TikTok account reached 21K followers in less than a month;
  • New ad channels were unblocked for paid media advertising;
  • Successful campaigns such as Blocktrade 2.0, Blocktrade 2.1, Blocktrade 2.2, Halloween and many more were run;
  • The visibility of Blocktrade was improved with great SEO optimization;
  • Blocktrade academy is almost ready and will be live soon;
  • The crypto calculator was created and released for getting more leads;
  • The lifecycle marketing components was completed in terms of data and automation;
  • The cooperation with influencers was started

Now Blocktrade is very excited for 2023 with the new approach of gamification. The beginner course of Blocktrade academy will be ready in Q1 and the company will rebrand toward gamification.

Customer Success – Live chat 

The live chat was released in October and quickly became our most efficient support channel. Customers can now talk directly to a Support Representative to get their questions answered, which leads to faster, more precise interactions.

The channel boasts a 97% satisfaction rate and an average waiting time of 5 minutes, further cementing Blocktrade’s commitment to excellence. We’ll keep exploring ways to improve the user experience and provide an even better service to our community in 2023!

Memberships and events

In 2022 Blocktrade became a member of such NGOs as Eesti Krüptoraha Liit, LETZBLOCK, DAAA, Crypto Valley, Silicon Luxembourg and Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group.

Our CEO and CPO have visited and presented the company at some great events, such as Krypto Kameel, Token2049, WebSummit, CV Summit.

6 AMAs were held by the Blocktrade’s CEO – Christian Niedermueller.

Christian was also named by German Cointelegraph’s editorial team as 1 of 25 of the most innovative German-speaking experts in crypto. 

What is the company proud of?

People! This year Blocktrade grew a lot, because we hired 40 new employees, had 4 great team buildings, organized a series of educational events, had a lot of fun and completed many difficult tasks. In Blocktrade we are proud of each other and of having such a friendly, creative, hard-working, reliable and amazing team! Nothing could be done in 2022 without our workers, whom we always appreciate and support.

What comes next?

For 2023 we have planned a lot of things, starting with a new strategy – Blocktrade is moving toward the gamification approach. Blocktrade users will be able to play various mini-games and earn points to educate themselves, get new exciting experiences and compete with friends. We will have a level system with avatars in Greek Gods style. Moreover, in 2023 Blocktrade will launch many new features such as:

  • Google/Apple Pay payment options;
  • Recurring investment plans;
  • Staking;
  • A new Blocktrade token;
  • Blocktrade credit card.

Already this year Blocktrade has garnered media attention for being ‘The Most Decentralized Centralized Exchange in Europe’. 

All in all, we are proud of what was done in 2022 and Blocktrade will continue to grow in 2023, making our users even happier and offering them unique opportunities. We have high hopes and a lot of great plans for 2023, and our team will do everything to achieve them.

Thank you 2022 and welcome 2023!

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