Driving regulatory change: Blocktrade joined the Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group

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Driving regulatory change: Blocktrade joined the Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group

Luxembourg, 28th of October 2021 – Blocktrade SA today announced that it has become a member of the Blockchain & Virtual Currencies Working Group (hereinafter BVC WG), a European working group of companies and industry representatives who are committed to discussing and promoting the development of clear and innovation-friendly legal regulation of blockchain-based virtual currencies in the European Union. Formed in 2015, the BVC WG aims to educate and promote cooperation with European regulators, influence EU regulators’ work and advise internally on EU matters.

“As an ambitious digital assets exchange, we see the need to align with industry peers in order to coordinate and align our engagement with all tiers of European Governance and Financial Authorities. In this rapidly evolving legal field, such a coordination is necessary for us to better understand and support the general direction that will be beneficial to innovation, legal progression and sustainable operations of all players in the blockchain sector,” says Simon Ore, Chief Compliance Officer at Blocktrade SA.

“Presently, the regulatory diversity in certain areas is a major cause of concern to us,” adds Bernhard Blaha, former CEO of Blocktrade SA. “Blocktrade finds the mission and position of the BVC WG as well as collaborative efforts by the industry players involved in the group to be vital to our very existence as an industry.”

“We are glad to welcome Blocktrade SA to the Blockchain and virtual currencies Working Group. We believe that their vision and ambitions can enhance the work we are currently performing, and we look forward to working in partnership as we expand the WG footprint across the policy and regulatory debates in Europe” says Monica Monaco, Founder and Secretary General of BVC WG.

About Blocktrade SA

Blocktrade is the digital asset marketplace of the future. It is part of a wider ecosystem, which covers all stages of asset tokenization.

Started in 2018, Blocktrade was further acquired and rebuilt by Cryptix in 2020 and funded by an international group of investors in 2021. This way Blocktrade set the course for the further international rollout. Digital assets trading is an exponentially growing market and Blocktrade is a bridgehead between slow, regulated tokenization services and fast-paced trading communities.

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