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September 22, 2021

Personal Finance: Managing Money

We are faced with financial decisions every single day – from buying groceries, investing our savings or taking out a mortgage. To get these decisions right, we need to have clear financial goals and an overview of our budget. This is where personal finance comes into play.  What is personal finance?  Personal finance is an essential discipline for a happy and self-governed life. In short, it […] Read more
September 8, 2021

BTT Swap

As announced last year, we are pleased to inform you that as of today the Blocktrade token (BTT) swap is taking place, enabling customers holding BTT on to swap them to Blocktrade S.A. class B shares.  First issued in 2017, BTT bring with them a long history that ultimately led to an unclear use case before Blocktrade was acquired by Cryptix AG in mid-2019.   At Blocktrade, we live by the principle […]

September 2, 2021

Crypto 101: Market Capitalization

Market capitalization is a central concept to financial assets. Crypto-traders may know it primarily from cryptocurrencies but it exists for every financial asset. Yet what exactly is market capitalization? How do you calculate it? And why is it especially important with cryptocurrencies?  What is market capitalization?  A general definition is that the market capitalization of any financial asset describes the total value of all units of […]

August 26, 2021

The Double Spending Problem

Money can only be spent once before it changes the account or wallet. This is a fundamental tenet of our banking and financial system. If I transfer amount XY from my account to your bank account, the amount is deducted from my account and credited to yours. If this was not the case, I could spend […]